Election Information

2019 Election:  May 7, 2019

The next expected election for Eaton Township is the 2020 Presidential Primary in March. (Date could be changed by the MI Legislature.)

Absentee Ballots

Any registered voter can now vote absentee.

Regular absentee ballots must be requested in writing and signed by the voter for each election; we do not accept “dual” applications that request for more than one election. Regular absentee ballots cannot be requested more than 75 days prior to an Election.

For an absentee ballot application or to be put on the permanent list (to automatically receive an application for every election eligible) please contact the Clerk, Charamy Cleary at 517-543-3308 or email at clerk@eatontownship.com.

If you are overseas or military stationed outside of your registered address please use the FVAP applications and contact the Clerk, Charamy Cleary at 517-543-3308 or email at clerk@eatontownship.com for specific instructions.

Absentee ballots are usually available to be sent out about a month before the election and can be requested (with some limitations) up to the Monday prior to Election Day. For more details see the links below (Election Information Links) or contact the Clerk, Charamy Cleary.

Regular mail time by USPS can take about a week. Applications or ballots can be mailed or dropped off in-person during Township hours or after hours use the dropbox, located in the parking lot across from the building under the lamppost.

Completed ballots must be received by the Clerk by 8 pm Election Day and be signed by the voter in order to be counted. You can track your absentee ballot status through the Michigan Voter Information Center link below (Election Information Links.)

Election Information Links