Eaton Township

History of
Eaton Township

Township History

Eaton Township of Michigan was organized on March 11, 1837 and originally included the entire southeastern quarter of Eaton County. Brookfield and Tyler (Hamlin) Townships were set off in 1841. Eaton Rapids Township was set off in 1842, leaving the present township boundaries. Samuel Searls was the first settler in the township in 1835. Most of the township’s subsequent growth closely paralleled that of Charlotte, with early settlements concentrated at its perimeter.

William Wall moved to the township in June, 1836. Several families settled in the vicinity and it soon adopted the name of “Walls Settlement.” A post office was established in 1838, with William Southworth as postmaster. The community thrived until its value to the lumbering interests active in Eaton County soon decreased.

History of Ingham and Eaton Counties Michigan by Samuel W. Durant